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Alcohol-related Liver Disease

Other Points of interest?

There are a few other points I would like to point out. I mentioned in the Liver Transplant section my tremendous feeling of guilt. In fact I found the whole transplant thingy a very emotional experience. I felt so totally unworthy of this transplant, and I remember thinking that the whole liver I now had could have been split in two and gone to save the lives of two small children. This person who I didn’t know, had saved my life. I didn’t know anything about them. But in order to save my life, they had to die. I was sad at their death, but I was so totally blown away by their unselfish value of life and that they had become a donor. Has having had a liver transplant changed me in any way? You better believe it. I now totally understand the true value of life. I now no longer carry any bitterness in my heart towards those who have hurt me in the past. It is very much like being reborn again. Although I wrote a letter of condolence and gratitude to my donors family, I understandably didn’t get a reply as yet. But in some strange sort of way I want to reach out and help others who are going down that similar path in their lives that I’ve been down. I have therefore started this crusade, and if anyone out there wishes to join me, they are more than welcome. I have recently done a local newspaper article in order to make people aware, and I have a saying: My donor didn't just save my life, but hopefully, through me, we'll go on to save others too." I cannot emphasis strongly enough the importance of becoming an organ donor. These people really are the unsung hero’s who make it all possible. Its never too late to become a donor, register and carry or even wear your donors card with pride.
Donor Card Registration Donor Card Registration
The internet can be a wonderful place for information and help. If by chance you do have any problems with your liver, I strongly recommend visiting the The British Liver Trust’s website. Here you’ll find a lot of help and support at this site. There’s even a section were people have submitted their own stories, which is always rather interesting, (yes, mines there too). Just click on the logo to go to the site. This whole campaign started life with me wanting to get all this information out there into the public domain. I had been asked if I could put together a power-point presentation for a local support group. I have since turned this into a video. This video can be paused at any time if more time is needed to read some of the comments, A lot of the information on this site, is also repeated in the video. To view, just click on the YouTube logo below. I have just created a new Facebook page. This is a closed group which means you’ll need permission to join. The idea of this page is to openly discuss any related issues you may have with regards, to alcohol related problems or concerns and depression. Just click on the Facebook tab below to access the page. Or if you prefer, please contact me via email at: Oh, I almost forgot. My name…. Richard Allen. Remember…. Knowledge is POWER.